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Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Implants In Worthing

Dental implants are widely acknowledged by dentists to be the number one clinical solution for missing teeth. Pioneered in the 1970’s, implants have revolutionised the practice of dentistry in recent years and are used extensively in dental clinics throughout the world.


If you have any teeth missing, you would want your replacement teeth to look and feel as natural as possible. A dental implant is a small fixture, made from titanium, which is carefully inserted into the jaw bone. The bone then grows onto the surface of the titanium and then becomes fused. It replaces the root and provides secure support for a tooth, that will be made to blend naturally with your own teeth. Implants have proven to be very predictable and safe. They can be cheaper and more comfortable than alternative treatments. They can be used throughout the whole mouth.

What Are Dental Implants Attached To?

Dental Tools

Implants can support individual crowns, bridges or removable dentures and therefore can be used to replace a single missing tooth, several teeth or al of them.

Jaw bone will start to shrink when teeth are extracted or lost. Dental implants have been proven to preserve and maintain the bone shape, which helps to retain the gums and facial profile.

It is possible to replace an extracted tooth with an implant and crown during the same visit. This would depend on your individual case assessment and would be discussed with you comprehensively before treatment. Dental implant treatment can take a day, or several months to complete, depending on the complexity of your individual needs. This would only become apparent after a comprehensive assessment. All of the treatment options that are available will be discussed with you before any treatment is undertaken.

Our 5 Year Warranty For Peace Of Mind

We are proud of what we do, therefore we offer a 5 year warranty on all the dental implants we place. If there’s a problem, we’ll replace the implant at no cost

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